Gordian Knot: Credential Management

Gordian Knot Credential Management is designed and implemented to not only protect your organization's critical security and operational credentials, but also to allow simple auditing and reporting without providing unnecessary details.


  • Company/Division and Group level visibility by individual users
  • Full access logging == Happy Auditors
  • Built-in Audit reports == Even Happier Auditors, Security Managers, C-Levels
  • Access anywhere on any platform, you control via web access ACLs, firewalls, network design
  • Reversable Multi-key Encryption -- staff absence (vacation, illness, abandonment, layoff) != business shutdown
  • Available as Open Source or Individualized Licensed Package
  • Available as a remotely hosted service (primary, seconday, tertiary, backup, escrow respository)
  • LAMP Infrastructure == Portable
  • Small footprint within your existing infrastructure

For more information, please email gordianknot@sredfield.com

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